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  • Review 1 +

    Eye Drive School of Motoring was reccommended by my cousin who had taken lessons with him and she told me that he was very good. My cousin was right, if I hadn’t gone with Alex, then I may not have passed my test first time. The driving technique which he used to teach me helped me to learn quicker. I’d like to thank Alex for his patience in teaching me.

    Alan Sado
  • Review 2 +

    I was reccommended by my two sisters who passed with Alex from Eye Drive School of Motoring, they told me that he was strict. But once I started learning with him, he made me feel more at ease even though I learnt quickly with his techniques in teaching, I then advised my girlfriend to go with him so that she can improve her driving, and this is before I took my driving test, which I passed first time. Thank you for being my driving instructor and putting up with me.

  • Review 3 +

    I found Eye Drive School of Motoring on the website and felt because I had failed my test three times with three different instructors, I would try Alex. I had just failed my first test with Alex on one serious fault which made me think the other instructors I failed with too many serious faults, he made me feel at ease and was patient with me even though going for my driving test I was very nervous for the fifth time. I would like to thank him for being very patient with me and seeing me through my test.

    Nancy Ibegbulgm
  • Review 4 +

    My boyfriend recommended Eye Drive School of Motoring to me because he felt that I was not progressing in my driving, so I took his advice and had one lesson with Alex and I felt that I had learnt more in one hour than I had learnt from the other instructor. His technique in teaching helped me to learn quicker and be confident in what I was doing. I had previously booked a driving test and he told me to cancel it until he recommended when I was ready to take my test. But I passed my test, I would like to thank Alex for being patient with me and teaching me the safe way of driving.

  • Review 5 +

    Passing my driving test first time was the best feeling in the world but it wouldn’t have been possible without the excellent instruction from Alex. In every lesson he pointed out mistakes I was making and made sure I corrected them. Each lesson I remembered where I was going wrong previous and was able to drive better and better each time. However Alex unlike other instructors also taught me how to drive at an advanced level – looking well ahead, anticipating other road users, positioning and eco­safe driving. Although I was a little nervous before my test I just remembered everything Alex taught me and it went perfectly; I only made 2 minors. It’s a wonderful feeling when you pass and it stays for days and even weeks. You have a superb chance of passing first time with Alex! Thanks again for everything Alex!

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