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Fleet Driving Courses

Eye Drive School Of Motoring offer fleet and company driver training courses for regular and professional drivers needing more advanced professional driving skills in Enfield and the surrounding areas

We provide company driver training courses using advanced driving techniques to reduce driving risk, the training is suitable for professional car or van drivers and is designed to improve driving skills and reduce your corporate road risk.


The training sessions are provided by DVSA Registered Advanced Driving Trainers who will come to your location.

Fleet cars

Professional Fleet Driver Training Programs

Traditional driving education and practical driving experience may not be sufficient for fleet driving, and becoming certified as a skilled fleet driver requires a new kind of career.

Fleet driving is an elevated form of driving that may call for a variety of specialised abilities.

Fleet driving lessons are provided by our qualified driving instructors in Enfield and the surrounding areas,  all of the courses are ideal for anyone who wishes to get qualified and accredited as a fleet driver. 

Eye Drive School of Motoring fleet driving courses can help you become both a professional and a safe driver.

 Fleet Driver Training Information

Fleet driving is not an easy occupation, and if you want to work for any organisation as a professional fleet driver, you may need certification that establishes your reliability and competence.  We offer fleet driving lessons in Enfield and surrounding areas at affordable rates, and employ a team of skilled fleet drivers to serve as instructors.  You will be trained in all aspects of fleet driving, from practical experience to knowledge of all the traffic regulations.

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Contact Eye Drive School Of Motoring to book your professional fleet driver training program
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