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Intensive driving lessons from Eye Drive School Of Motoring in Enfield and covering the surrounding areas 

Your driving history will determine the type of intensive course you need. If you are a complete beginner, consider taking our 2-hour introductory lesson, during which you will learn how to operate the car and drive.

We will evaluate your driving experience to determine the length of the intensive course needed, this could be anything from 3 days to 10 days. The number of lessons needed per day necessary to achieve the test standard depends on how many lesson hours per day you are able to take, for example:

  • A complete novice would need many hours or lessons per day to reach test standard

  • Those who have had some driving experience, would need fewer hours or lessons

  • Intensive courses are typically divided into sessions of four or six hours each, broken up into lessons, per day.

Driving School - Young woman steer a car, maybe she has a driving test

Are intensive driving courses right for me?

Our intensive driving courses have two broad categories or packages. The introductory course is ideal for complete beginners. It is for inexperienced drivers who are still new and improving their skills of driving.

The second course is for licence holders and more experienced drivers.

These courses are designed to enhance and improve the skills of a driver. It provides them useful knowledge for safe and efficient driving.

Driving Theory Test Certificate
Intensive driving lessons for beginners and experienced learner drivers, book your course today with Eye Drive School Of Motoring
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